Solved by verified expert :Discussion
Week 6

“Production and Operations
Management”: From Case Study 10.3,
analyze Klimpton’s strategy for being environmentally friendly. Determine how this strategy helps Klimpton
make supplier channel decisions and manage the waste from its hotel and
restaurant operations. From Case Study
10.2, describe Zappos’ customer service area and analyze how customer service
is a strategic part of its business model.”Empowerment and
Communication”: From the e-Activity, create an advertisement for one of
the company’s products that focuses on one of the socially responsible or sustainability
initiatives you researched. Be sure your
advertisement is an example of positive external communication from the
company. Please see attach document. From Case Study 9.3, analyze how employee
empowerment has enabled its business model of being a boutique hotel.Determine how this empowerment enables
trust in the employees and then extends to how the employees provide service to
the hotel customers.

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