Solved by verified expert :ASSUMPTIONSEquipment (bbl system)Brews Per Yearbbl brewed per yearLocation SizeEstimated SalesFIXED COSTSBrew Equipment & InstallationEquipment Depreciation Expense15200$3,0004000-6000sqft$1,582,700$57,500$10,000$20,000$68,976$4,500,000Licensing Costs (startup cost)Licensing Costs (Annual)MiscellaneousTechnologyProperty Maintenance&RepairAdv. & MarketingReal Estate Tax* note: Title- negotiableTerms: Seller finance possiblelink/source15bbl system brewed 200 timesmin sizebased off estimated 2013 on island beer only sales for roughly 3000 bbls$150,000 based off study that Steve sent around$30,000 5yr straight line depreciation method based on 5yr useful lifeInitial Fixed Costs (furniture and fixtures)Legal Fees (Annual)Legal Fees (startup cost)Yearly Insurance903 Duval St Key West FL- Buy OptionVARIABLE COSTSDirect Laborfull timepart timeTotalDirect MaterialsAddititivesGrain&Brewing MaterialsHopsYeastGas (Co2&O2)DextroseCorksGrowlersManufacturing OverheadCleaningSewerage & UtilitiesAdministrative OverheadTaxes (Excise,State&Fed)MiscellaneousTOTAL VARIABLE COSTSdescription/notesbase assumption$4,368$4,288$100,000$5,000$6,000$10,000$14,047income statementexcludes "other" and "beer products", "tour", "door", "to go", "shirt", "event" of $35K-$80K cite source:$250/hr x 20 hrs.$250/hr x 40 hrs.Commercial Policy covering O&E, liability, liquor legal, cyber, A&B, property, equipment breakdown, employee dishonesty, auto coverage$3000 annual Cereal, Malt, Beverage (CMB) license, annual renewal fee-$3000estimatedestimatedestimatedKeli has citation ($5478 x 12mos), labor for contruction, construction supplies, inspections, certifications for basic computer, software, quickbooks, websitebudget for basic plumbing, electric, carpenter, etcbudget for basic local sponsorships, annual events, promotional items/bbl$12.00 8 employees, as in Nantucket ($45k salary), avg brewer/employee$0.61 based off existing Cisco spend per barrell$12.61 total$0.18$28.58$2.05$0.26$0.25$0.03$0.55$0.32based off existing Cisco spend per barrell$0.39 based off existing Cisco spend per barrell$3.22 based off existing Cisco spend per barrell$21.88$83903 Duval Street Key West Fl 33040Price $4,500,000$14.88 per barrel- state excise tax, $7 federal-= 21.88

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