Solved by verified expert :Prepare a trial balance with the following information provided:01-dec Cash 15000 Office Equipment 5000 L. Matson, Capital 20000- Owner invested in business 02-dec Office Equipment 1200 Accounts payable 1200- Purchased office equipment and supplies on credit 03-dec Office Supplies 300 Accounts Payable 30004-dec Cash 900 Fees Earned 900- Rendered services for cash 08-dec Accounts Receivable 1700 Fees Earned 1700- Rendered services on account 10-dec Accounts payable 300 Cash 300- Paid amount owed for supplies 14-dec Prepaid Insurance 960 Cash 960- Paid insurance premium for one year 18-dec Cash 1700 Accounts Receivable 1700- Received payment on account 27-dec L. Matson, Withdrawals 650 Cash 650- Owner withdrew cash 30-dec Utility Expense 175 Cash 175- Paid utility bills 30-dec Cash 2000 Unearned Fees 2000**********************************01dec CashOffice EquipmentL. Matson, Capital- Owner invested in business02dec Office EquipmentAccounts payable- Purchased office equipmentand supplies on credit03dec Office SuppliesAccounts Payable04dec CashFees Earned- Rendered services for cash08dec Accounts ReceivableFees Earned- Rendered services on account10dec Accounts payableCash- Paid amount owed forsupplies14dec Prepaid InsuranceCash- Paid insurance premium forone year18dec CashAccounts Receivable- Received payment on account27dec L. Matson, WithdrawalsCash- Owner withdrew cash30dec Utility Expense15000500020000120012003003009009001700170030030096096017001700650650175Cash- Paid utility bills30dec CashUnearned Fees17520002000

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