Solved by verified expert :The Portfolio Project is comprised of 5 questions. These questions are independent of each other. Please download the excel document titled ACC300_PortfolioTemplate posted in the week 8 assignments page to complete the project using the information below. All answers to the five questions should besubmitted on the downloaded template.Question 1Kelly ConsultingPost-closing Trial BalanceApril 30, 2008Requirements:a) Journalize the following transactions using the file called student Template.b) Post them to the general ledgers or T accounts using the same file.1) Received cash from clients as an advance payment for services to be provided and recorded it asunearned fees, $1,550.2) Received cash from clients on account, $1,750.3) Paid cash for a newspaper advertisement, $1004) Paid Office Station Co., previously posted to accounts payable for, $4005) Recorded services provided on account for the period May 1-15, $5,100.6) Paid part-time receptionist for two weeks’ salary including the amount owed on April 30, $7507) Recorded cash received from cash clients for fees earned during the period May 1-16, $7,3808) Purchased supplies on account, $500.9) Recorded services provided on account for the period May 16-20, $2,900.Account titleFor all questions refer attachment

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