Solved by verified expert :You have new clients, Erik and Senta Bruckner. They are in their mid-30’s and have two children, Stella and Chloe, ages 6 and 8. The Bruckners primary financial objective is to provide for their children’s college education. Their secondary objective is to plan for retirement. They own a home with a mortgage and have a total family income of $100,000. Senta’s employer provides medical insurance and life insurance. She participates in her employer’s 401K retirement plan and currently has $40,000 in the plan. The funds are invested in her company’s stock. Erik is self-employed and works from home. He has not established an retirement plan. After d educting the amount of the mortgage, the family has total assets of $200,000 available for investing in addition to the $40,000 in the retirement account.

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