Solved by verified expert :Resource: Ch. 12 of Principles of Fraud ExaminationChoose one of the following financial fraud scheme cases from Ch. 12 of Principles of Fraud Examination. (You may also choose a fraud scheme case that is not in the text, with instructor approval.)Case Study: That Way Lies MadnessCase Study: The Importance of TimingCase Study: All on the SurfaceWrite a letter or memo in no more than 1,050 words to the organization’s management and communicate the examination findings explained in the case. Refer to this week’s assigned readings for assistance with formatting a letter or memo to management. Include the following in your letter or memo:A summary of the matter under investigationThe scope of the examinationA summary of conclusionsThe factors that aided the examinationThe limitations on the examinationFormat your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.Discussion: This week’s report is difficult. What you are requested to do is prepare a report on your findings in your fraud investigation. That means that this is not a book report of the case you have chosen, but a report on your imaginary investigation. You should only report on findings that you personally found. (Don’t tell me what others did; this is a report of what you did.) You should back up your report by referencing your evidence as an imaginary appendix.The format of the report will become a little clearer once you have done this week’s reading. The report should present the evidence only to let the reader come to his own conclusion unless your conclusion is obvious. This is harder than it appears. I have attached a sample report but I would suggest that you not follow the report’s format because your memo is so limited in length.

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