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Compensation Arrangements (graded)

Consider the issue of compensation from the viewpoint
of a business and the viewpoint of the individual. What are the risks
and rewards to each of treating a worker as an independent contractor or
an employee?

Passive Activities (graded)

Income and deductions derived from investments,
business ventures, rental property, and so forth are of a unique
character. With this concept in mind, briefly describe the concept of
passive activities and the corresponding tax consequences of investments
in such activities. What are the political underpinnings of the current
tax treatment?

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Death Tax (graded)
It has become politically popular in recent years to
criticize the estate tax (or, as it has become more commonly known, the
death tax). Discuss the original policy basis for the estate tax, and
discuss some of the planning techniques used to minimize the impact of
the tax on wealth transfers.

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Home Ownership (graded)

Home ownership is the bedrock of the American Dream.
What are the primary tax benefits of home ownership? What are the policy
reasons for favorable treatment of home ownership? Are these principles
still valid today?

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