Solved by verified expert :(TCO 1) The SEC issues accounting standards in the form of

accounting research bulletins.
financial reporting releases.
financial accounting standards.
financial technical bulletins.

Question 2. Question
(TCO 2) Enhancing qualitative characteristics of accounting
information include each of the following, except


Question 3. Question
(TCO 3) Hughes Aircraft sold a four-passenger airplane for
$380,000, receiving a $50,000 down payment and a 12% note for the balance. The
journal entry to record this sale would include a

credit to cash.
debit to cash discount.
debit to note receivable.
credit to note receivable.

Question 4. Question
(TCO 3) When a tenant makes an end-of-period adjusting entry
credit to the prepaid rent account

he or she usually debits cash.
he or she usually debits an expense account.
he or she debits a liability account.
he or she does none of the above.

Question 5. Question
(TCO 3) Permanent accounts would not include

interest expense.
wages payable.
prepaid rent.
unearned revenues.

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