Solved by verified expert :WEEK 3
Collect & Protect Personal Information (graded)
Discuss some types of personal information that
companies collect from their customers and discuss what they are used
for. How is information collected, and do the customers know about it?
Do they have a choice in the matter? Explain how.

Minimum Security Standards (graded)
Should the government mandate minimum standards for
controlling and securing information? What would be some advantages and

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Threats in the Revenue Cycle (graded)

Controlling inventory has evolved with the widespread
use of technology. Describe one advance in technology that helps reduce
theft or errors. What does your company use? Does this replace a
physical inventory? Why or why not?

Threats in the Expenditure Cycle (graded)

Compare internal control issues between the invoice
approval and payment process in a manual office with that of an
automated office where all departments are connected to the same AIS. Is
an ink pen signature more desirable than a digital approval? Why or why

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