Solved by verified expert :1. In Peachtree Accounting Software, 2012 the price of each inventory item is stored in theA. Tasks; Inventory items.B. Maintain Purchase Items file.C. Maintain Inventory Items file.D. Tasks; Purchase orders.2. In Time & Billing, inventory item classes includeA. time tickets and expense tickets.B. only activity items.C. both activity and charge items.D. only charge items.3. Peachtree’s accounts receivable system includes theA. sales/invoicing window.B. accounts payable subsidiary system.C. customer ledgers.D. controlling account in the general ledger.4. Commands that Peachtree automatically selects are calledA. shortcuts.B. defaults.C. dialog boxes.D. objects.5. When you print or display a report, you can filter the departmentalized report using _______ characters.A. wildcardB. text-basedC. prefixD. hexadecimal6. On the Employee Defaults window, the Company Fields tab is forA. expense and liability accounts that are related to employee deductions.B. assets accounts that are related to employee deductions.C. liability accounts that are related to employee deductions.D. liability and expense accounts related to employer deductions.7. Processing payroll is automatic once _______ are set up correctly.A. TasksB. Employees/Sales rep tasksC. Payroll tablesD. Defaults8. In Peachtree, the employee deductions display as negative amounts on the Payroll Entry windowbecauseA. they’re not used to compute the paycheck.B. they’re added to the paycheck amount.C. they’re deducted from the employee’s gross pay.D. the employer always pays deductions from the paycheck.9. To transfer money to the Money Market Fund, make the following type of entry.A. General JournalB. ReceiptsC. TasksD. Payments10. Peachtree’s backup feature works with which other Peachtree feature?A. FormattingB. RestoreC. Save AsD. Import/Export11. To record a Job ID in Peachtree, which of following selections do you need to make?A. Tasks > Job IDB. Customers & Sales Navigation Center > Jobs > New JobC. Tasks; Maintain > Employees > New JobD. Vendors & Purchases Navigation Center > Jobs > New Job12. A balance sheet lists theA. percentage of debt at the end of the year.B. revenues and expenses of a business.C. assets, liabilities, and capital of a business.D. percentage of revenue at the end of the year.13. To display the Job Profitability Report, make the following menu bar selections.A. Reports & Forms > Payroll > Jobs Profitability Report > DisplayB. Reports & Forms > Jobs > Job Profitability Report > DisplayC. Reports & Forms > Payroll Reports > Job Profitability Report > PreviewD. Reports & Forms > Jobs > Job Lists > Preview14. The Income Statement’s net income or (net loss) is also shown on theA. balance sheet’s capital section.B. income statement’s revenue section.C. departmental gross profit totals.D. cash balance at the end of the period.15. A departmentalized accounting system provides information that can be used toA. evaluate current assets.B. custom-design departmental statements.C. evaluate profitability and cost effectiveness.D. modify PCA’s standard forms.16. In Peachtree, the Vendor Ledgers Report is another name for theA. Accounts Receivable subsidiary ledger.B. Accounts Payable subsidiary ledger.C. Accounts Payable open items report.D. Inventory subsidiary ledger.17. If your GL Account columns and A/P Account field are not displayed on the Purchases/ReceiveInventory window, you need toA. click on Options, then Global, then uncheck the three boxes in the Hide General Ledger Accounts section.B. check the Tasks windows.C. reset the defaults in the Accounting Behind the Screens selection.D. check the maintenance menus.18. Which of the following would you select to look at an employee’s record in Peachtree?A. Shortcut > General Journal entryB. Employees & Payroll Navigation Center > Employees > View and Edit EmployeesC. Tasks > EmployeesD. The Payroll Entry window19. On Peachtree’s Navigation Bar, which of the following selections would you make to enter a customerreceipt?A. Customers and Sales Navigation Center > Sales Invoices > View and Edit Sales InvoicesB. Customers and Sales Navigation Center > Receive Money > Receive Money from CustomerC. Vendors and Purchases page > Write Checks > New CheckD. Tasks > Payments20. To print a vendor check, use the following menu bar selections.A. Reports & Forms > Forms, Checks > OCR AP Laser Preprinted > PrintB. Reports & Forms > Financial Statements > Current Period > PrintC. Tasks > Payments > Check Register > Checks > PrintD. Reports & Forms > Accounts Receivable > Invoices > Preprint 1 Stub > Print

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