Solved by verified expert :TAX – CasesInstructions: In writing a tax memo begin the discussion of the law with at least one paragraph on the relevant Code language. Pinpoint the location of the relevant language in the Code as precisely as possible. Then add a paragraph(s) on any relevant Treasury Regulation. Then describe any relevant cases or Revenue Rulings. Write clearly and concisely so that the tax memo is normally limited to three pages.Write a memo identifying the legal ISSUE(s), conclusion, list of relevant authorities, discussion of the law, and the application of the law. Use these subheadings, as it is not enough to describe the law. For each CASE discuss and apply at least one relevant CASE or revenue ruling. The most important aspects of the memo are the ISSUE statement(s) and the application of the law to the problem facts. The application should integrate reference to every source of law previously discussed. Do not just answer the question asked in the problem.

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