Solved by verified expert :Question 1:MedCo is a large manufacturing company, currently using a large printing press in its operations and is considering two replacements: the PDX341 and PDW581. The PDX341 costs £500,000 and has annual maintenance costs of £10,000 for the first five years and £15,000 for the next five years. After 10 years, the PDX341 will be scrapped (salvage value is zero). In contrast, the PDW581 can be acquired for £50,000 and requires maintenance of £30,000 a year for its 10-year life. The salvage value of the PDW581 is expected to be zero in 10 years.Complete the following:Assuming that MedCo must replace their current printing press (it has stopped functioning), has a 10% cost of capital and all cash flows are after tax, which replacement press is the more appropriate as calculated by using the NPV approach?Question 2:ABC Ltd. produces an MP3 player. The market for this product is increasing, and for this reason, ABC is planning to expand its production capacity. This plan requires new machinery and an increase in working capital that would be financed with borrowing.Complete the following:What are the main sources of finance that can be considered?What are the main factors that should be taken into consideration when deciding on the mix of long-term and short-term borrowing necessary to finance the expansion?Identify and discuss the major factors that a bank would take into account before deciding whether to grant a loan to ABC Ltd.

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