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June 28, 2015
Myrna Bravo

Service Request SR-rm-022 – Part 1
Riordan Manufacturing directs the trade as a worldwide
manufacturer of plastics through injection molding of plastic. Primarily, this
company in the administration of Dr. Riordan concentrated on development and
research as well as succeeding patenting as regards to vital capabilities of
plastics(University of Phoenix, 2013).
Hugh McCauley, the COO of Riordan Manufacturing desires to “integrate the existing
variety of HR tools into a single integrated application” in entire plant
places of Riordan Manufacturing(University
of Phoenix, 2013). He pronounces that “we
would like to take advantage of a more sophisticated, state-of-art, information
systems technology in our Human Resource department”(University of Phoenix,
2013). It is stated in the
service request that this project should be finished in just about six months
to be prepared to use into the subsequent quarter. Riordan manufacturing
entails 4 locations for plants which include Albany, GA, San Jose, CA, Hangzhou, China,
and Pontiac, MI(University
of Phoenix, 2013).
Measuring the techniques of information gathering, key
stakeholders, as well as the scope of the project for worldwide trade is
significant at the time of integration of system across entire activities.
Key Stakeholders
The participation of stakeholders is extremely
significant in the victory of any company. Entire companies should work
together with its stakeholders for their extension. Stakeholders are the
significant persons who are crucially interested into actions of the deal by
the company. Primarily entire companies should distinguish stakeholders to
exemplify its progress; afterward the company should examine the stakeholders
through identifying demands and necessities of stakeholders to sustain fine
relationships with the stakeholders. The ending and majorly considerable is to
sustain a fine conversation with the vital stakeholders.
Riordan Manufacturing has
some stakeholders, and quite a lot of them are the vital stakeholders who have
an important participation in attaining the strategic targets of the company.
Major players accountable for the monetary progress of Riordan Manufacturing
Vice Presidents
Superior Vice Presidents
Chief Finance Officer
Chief Operating Officer
When conversing with this kind of project and
building a scheme to implement this type of project, this is very imperative to
gather exact and truthful information from a number of dissimilar resources so
that the project fits into or fulfills the necessities of the users/stakeholders
engaged. Planning and organizing an
assembly with the management workforce, Information Technology (IT) workforce,
as well as with users will facilitate to attain additional information as
regards to the wide scope of the commercial necessities of Riordan Manufacturing
and facilitate the analyst to prioritize or set order of the steps obligatory
to implement the modifications. Being familiar with the additional wide range
of arrangements demanded through every department will also facilitate the
analyst to reside unprejudiced and observe the necessities as an entirety for
the HR system integration of Riordan Manufacturing. Mutual Application
development would probably be an ideal fit for expanding the integration of HR
system of Riordan Manufacturing since there exist just four plants and merely one
being overseas.
Mutual Application Development is described
as a structured procedure in which, managers, analysts, and users work mutually
for many days in a succession of concentrated meetings to indicateor
assess requirements of the system. Mutual
Application development would cause entire major stakeholders to come jointly
into workshops to converse about their individual system expectancies, system
provisions, and company workings. If entire stakeholders come jointly then it
facilitates analyst to straightforwardly reply to their queries and informs
every department through describing in detail, the outs and ins of the existing
system and the outs and ins of the system which is to be put in practice.
Key Success Factors
Numerous among the customary approaches for
measuring the demands are observing stakeholders/users, interviewing
individuals, reviewing earlier documents of trade and making use of the system.
The workshop as regards to Mutual Application Development can cover many
elements of customary approaches for measuring requirements. Throughout the
workshop of Mutual Application Development, analyst are not permitted to conduct
interviews of individuals; however analyst can examine or evaluate trade
documents of organization, and can also monitor how every person in workshop
makes use of the trade documents. This entire procedure will facilitate analyst
to examine the system in exploration for difficulties with the current
available system; locate explanations in collation with organizational
direction of company; scrutinize processing situations of proprietary
information which may not be anticipated or identified with the novel system; and
comprehend the cause about the ways of designing of existing system which cause
it to fruitfully integrate with another systems devoid of losing vital
functionality and sustaining the users interfaces as familiar as probable so
that necessity for further training can be minimized.
Scope & Feasibility
Riordan Manufacturing has put forward a
service request named as “SR-rm-022” for the examination of the
existing system of HR with the target of integration of presently existing
range of tools in one incorporated application for commercial exploit. This
single incorporated application of the presently existing tools will be used in
Human Resource (HR) system. The project is planned to end in six months from
commencement with exploitation starting in the subsequent quarter for a
graceful year.
A determination has made through Riordan
Manufacturing as regards to benefits of enduring a refinement in HR systems is
more important than the risks. Based on estimated magnitude of the project,
this modification is comparatively slightest.
“Feasibility analysis guides the organization in determining whether to
proceed with the project. Feasibility
analysis also identifies the important risks associated with the project hat
must be managed if the project is approved” (Dennis, Wixom, &
Roth, 2015, pg. 18).
Technical feasibility–A technical risk analysis will be conducted to
determine if we can meet the needs of the COO and provide a system that
satisfies him.
Economic feasibility – Economical situation of the company will be
scrutinized to know the entire expenditure of integration of the system.
Operational feasibility- Operations will be scrutinized to know the work and
tools obligatory to put into practice the modification.
closing, the service request by Riordan Manufacturing involves several
stakeholders who ultimately play the most important role in deciding if this
project goes forward. It involves many
hours of information gathering to determine if the system specifications are
something that can be designed to provide the result as expected. Looking at the bigger picture, if he project
goes ahead, a feasibility analysis must be conducted to see what the impact is
going to be on the company and a determination will have to be made to stop
work or proceed with the original plan.

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